6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your YWAM DTS

By YWAM Newcastle on May 17, 2016 in Discipleship Training Schools

1. Take time to Process

You’re going to be getting so much incredible teaching and input, don’t let it go in one ear and out the other. Lectures can sometimes feel like you’re trying to drink from a fire hose and you will never be able to swallow it all in one go. Prioritise time with God to sit and unpack what you are learning. 

2. Choose Joy Daily

A YWAM DTS can be tiring and your weeks will fill up quickly, it can be easy to succumb to your feelings and “check out” during the day. I have discovered it is a joy to be tired from sitting under great teaching. What a joy to get up early for time with Jesus! What a joy to have intentional times of worship and intercession on a daily basis. What a joy to be busy serving the community and bringing God’s Word and love to those around us.

3. Be Involved

Say, “Yes” joyfully to the opportunities that arise, both during lecture phase and on outreach. Give your all and go after God’s heart for the ministries and areas you are involved with. Praying about where God is leading you to serve is great, but don’t be afraid to go ahead and get your hands dirty while you wait for an answer. 

Find a balance between keeping in touch with friends, family and supporters and being engaged in your YWAM Community. There was a time when I was constantly emailing and messaging friends back home, all my spare time was spent on MySpace. (Yes, I’m talking about the pre-Facebook days.) I was so caught up in the world back home that I didn’t fully engage in my current one. My heart never felt at home, and I missed out on developing relationships with those who were physically present.

4. Be Intentional in your Relationships

We all have friends that we will gravitate to, and if your DTS is as large as mine, it isn’t possible to get to know everyone in just 6 months at a deeply intimate level. That being said, the shared experience of DTS is a platform for fruitful relationships. Be intentional in your friendships with other students and staff, both on your DTS and around the base. You can grow and learn so much from all of them.

5. Connect with Your Speakers Outside of Lectures

I’m constantly blown away by the calibre of speakers that come and teach on YWAM schools! Be teachable. Hunger for knowledge and understanding. Ask questions, lots of them. Write them down during class if you need. Be like a Joshua who sat under the authority of Moses, or Elisha when he asked Elijah for a double portion of his spirit. Your lecturers carry great authority – the more time you spend with them the more it will rub off on you!

6. Keep a Record of What God Is Speaking

You do and will hear God’s voice. Write down what He speaks over you, and the words you receive from others. This is your prophetic identity, your prophetic destiny. It’s so exciting looking back months and years later to see how God has come through in the different areas, and a great reminder of what He’s got in store for you!

by Kali Wratten
YWAM Newcastle Staff

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