3 Life Changing Things I Learned On My YWAM DTS

By YWAM Newcastle on September 27, 2017 in Training

Over the past 11 weeks of my Discipleship Training School, I’ve experienced God in ways that have changed my life!

1. I have grown to love myself. 

This is one thing I definitely wanted to get out of my DTS. I wanted to be happy about how I look and happy with the talents I have. I now see that I am created in God’s image and anything that I say negatively about myself is also saying something negative about God. Before I came to do my DTS, I was scared to sing out loud, and I compared my voice to others’, but now I am able to sing loudly and have confidence in myself and my voice. I know that no matter what, if I’m praising God, He doesn’t care how it sounds!

I used to think I was ugly and focused on every little problem I had with my body. I thought I was skinny, had gross facial features, my hair always needing improving, and that countless other things were wrong with me. However, I am now able to say that I’m created exactly how I am supposed to be, and what others think doesn’t matter! This revelation has made me feel free in ways I haven’t experienced before!

2. Another thing I hoped to gain from DTS was the ability to hear God and see Him clearly. Oh boy did I get that!

He answers almost every prayer I pray, whether it’s what I wanted or something better that He had in mind. I’ve had dreams in which He was able to teach me how to pray for others. When I stepped out in faith, He gave me a vision for the person with whom I was praying. He has spoken to me in my times of need when I searched for Him. I’ve seen Him provide finances in incredible ways and am so excited to continue experiencing Him in this personal way.

3. Finally, I hoped that during my DTS I what discover what I should do in the future.

This one has been a process, but after working through some areas, I recently I figured out what God is calling me to do! I realized that I had been trying to find favour in God’s eyes by becoming a pastor, but I learned that it doesn’t matter what my job title is, nothing changes how God sees me. The next thing I had to do was give up my future ideas and plans, which was something I struggled with as I wanted to be in control of my own life.

I am still learning to let go, but recently God spoke to me telling me that I have a future in missions. Somehow, I already knew that would be the case, but God began confirming this more and more. After a conversation with my mentor, in which she said that she felt the same way, I was reassured that it was His will. I still don’t know what this looks like, but I know God wants to use me in the nations!

Throughout my DTS, I have had many amazing experiences with God! I now know that I am His son and that He is proud of the creation He made!

By Daniel Haglund
World Explorer DTS Student


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