God Used Me Even When I Was In A Bad Mood

By YWAM Newcastle on March 24, 2017 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

A few weeks ago in the Philipines, my team and I went out for evangelism around a community that is close to the church that we frequently attend. I didn’t expect God to do much at that time, because we only had an hour to evangelize and I was in a bad mood. My teammates, McKenna, Selena and I, walked around the community for about half an hour and I said, “Guys, are we just going to keep walking around and not talk to anyone? Let’s pray again.” After we prayed McKenna got the word “smile” so we kept walking and simply smiling to people we came across.

After many smiles, we saw a bunch of kids hanging out on the corner of the street. We said “hi” to them and we were about to keep walking past when the kids asked our names. We introduced ourselves, and I asked them if they go to church. They said that they went to the Catholic church every Sunday with their parents. I asked them about their relationship with God, and they said they have a good one. I proceeded to ask them if they wanted to explain to me what their relationship with God looks like. They gave us answers such as, “I go to church. I pray to God. I read the Bible.”

“Have you ever heard God’s voice?” I asked.

They shook their heads.

“Do you know that God speaks to us?”

They shook their head a second time.

I shared my testimony about how I recognised God’s voice when He told me to go to the Philippines on outreach. They seemed interested in the conversation but kept interrupting every sentence. I asked them, “Have you ever read a Bible? Do you have a Bible?” Again, they shook their heads. Without thinking about it, I said, “Next week, come to this place again, at this time, and I’ll bring you some Bibles.” This made them so happy.

Suddenly, Holy Spirit told me to ask them if they wanted to come to the youth group which we planned to attend that evening. I immediately doubted God and thought that they would say no. But God said, “Just do it”.

Because that feeling was so strong, I decided to invite them. They replied, “Of course!”

Before the service started, we played some games, ate some snacks, and just had fun with them. Throughout worship and the sermon, the kids were very interested in what was going on. At the end, the pastor invited anyone who wanted prayer to come up the front.

Each one of the kids we invited went to the front for prayer and asked Jesus into their lives as their Lord and Saviour!

I was shocked, but I knew that it was Holy Spirit who was working in them from the time we greeted them on the street. God is so good!

After the youth group finished, we gave them some Bibles and they were eager to begin reading. They even asked if they could come to the Sunday service the next day. And they did! They have come to church every Saturday and Sunday for the past few weeks and are all now reading the book of Luke. They didn’t know Jesus personally a few weeks ago and now they have a relationship with God and some of them told us that they are beginning to recognisE when God speaks to them!

Over the last three weeks, we’ve watched these kids come to personally know God as their Father, and it’s a reminder of how He constantly pursues our hearts. We are not just saved and then left to fight for ourselves. It’s about the personal relationship. He loves, teaches, disciples, chases after, and speaks to us every day. Although I began the day in a bad mood, my group listened to God’s direction and smiled at everyone we saw. We simply made ourselves available. The only thing we had to do was listen to the Holy Spirit’s leading and obey.

Agatha Willem and McKenna Fedora
YWAM Compassion DTS students

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