When God Broke Our Expectations – YWAM Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on November 27, 2015 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach


While in Asia this past week, my team and I got the opportunity to travel and spend the week in small villages. We had the chance to really dive in and experience what life is like for these people on a daily basis. These villages are really small, containing 10-20 different families maximum.  Life for these people is the bare minimum, and they can survive off of a few dollars a month. While their living is simple, it is quite beautiful. With less material things, your eyes aren’t blinded to what is truly important in life, such as family and simply loving one another.

Walking in we were all a bit unsure as to what was going to happen. As the nights progressed, and the more we worshipped Jesus, the more we could feel a shift in the spiritual atmosphere of these places. These villages are known for their strong Hindu beliefs, and there was low expectations for what would happen in our time there.

But then God stepped in.

It’s truly amazing what God can do when you open the door for him to move. On these nights we saw countless people asking for prayer. Through seeing healings and hope restored, we also got to witness 11 people dedicate their life to Christ. The things God can do is limitless if we let him, it’s just a matter of realizing the power and authority we have in Jesus as believers. Keep your heart open, and expect God to do the unexpected.  

By Elizabeth Woodson

Music & Arts DTS

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