How A Little Origami Brought A Message Of Love

By YWAM Newcastle on November 11, 2015 in Outreach, Training

When we arrived in Tokyo, Japan one of our first mornings as a team we prayed to see what God had in store for our time here. We went around sharing what we got from God. One of the girls on my team sensed that we should make origami and give it out to people. I’ll be honest right away I thought to myself “I do not want to make origami, that’s childish and stupid and it won’t reach anyone. That’s what I call a time filler!” The first day we tried making them I got so frustrated and gave up. After countless tries I deemed these little pieces of paper useless. My precious time doing more important things had been wasted. Then a girl on my team said she gave one to a lady and she was instantly filled with joy. What I saw as worthless God transformed into something full of value. 

Well now is where I tell you God totally proved me wrong. 

The first I gave away was to an older man who was so thankful that he gave me a keychain he hand carved out of a cherry blossom tree. We gave some to a couple baristas at a coffee shop and they put them up on display for everyone to see. The other day we set some out during a music night we have been hosting and the kids had so much fun playing with them. While in a local clothing store I gave one to a fun older lady that we had just sang for and she was over the moon with excitement. Today I gave one to a mom that was out for a walk with her daughter.

She looked like the day had gotten the better of her and in that moment I felt her burden.

I ran over to her and handed her the little origami crane. I’ve never seen a bigger smile. She handed it to her daughter and they began to play with it together. She turned to me over and over thanking me with that same big smile. Later on in the evening while on the train headed home from ministry I saw this lady that looked so tired that it seemed that she would burst into tears any minute from pure exhaustion. It was our stop but I reached into my bag and pulled out our last origami lily. It was a bit beaten up from being in my bag all day. I handed it to her and her face light up. She said thank you over and over as I ran off the train. 

Each little origami had a message attached that said God is love, hope, and life written in Japanese.

Now sitting here on our last train ride before we are home for the night, I can’t help but be filled with tears of absolute joy. Not just happiness but pure Holy Spirit giving joy. Just taking a moment to realise, not only has the Lord totally taught me a hard lesson of never underestimating His ability to reach his children but I have been so blessed to see Him touch person after person in the most unconventional way. No I don’t have some incredible salvation story attached to one little origami, not yet at least. I could also tell you reasons why this little origami does wonders to a person living in Japanese culture. But isn’t  it so much more amazing to know that when you or someone in this big world of ours are having a hard day or needing to know that your not alone in this world that the Father loves you enough to reach out. 

By Kathryn Buchan

School of Worship Student

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