One Crazy Day In El Salvador – World Explorer DTS Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on November 3, 2015 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

This past Sunday, exactly a week ago, something crazy happened.

Our World Explorer DTS team had been in El Salvador for only a few days working in a village called El Rosario. Our ministry was helping plan and execute an open air program. It was a little different each day but generally we would gather all the children and teach them a few songs. One of the most popular songs was called Go Bananas, where you peel, cut, and eat the “banana” and then go crazy: “go bananas”.

It showed me how kids are kids no matter what country you are in.

We also played games with the kids, such as Simon Says, which the kids had never heard of before. After that, as a team, we would lead out in some English worship songs for the people gathered, which was a new and interesting challenge. Then someone would preach, either one of our team members, or more commonly, the pastor we were partnering with. I had absolutely no idea what the pastor ever preached on, because it was all in Spanish, but his words were so powerful, all through Christ Jesus.

Alrighty then, now that you know the run down I want to tell you about this crazy awesome day. So, the open air program started like any other one with us teaching the kids a song and then playing a game with them. The biggest difference was that today we were doing a skit we planned for the first time. We used a bracelet with five colors on it as inspiration to easily explain the gospel; gold for God’s holiness, black for sin and separation from God, red for Jesus dying for us, white for washing our hearts clean, and green for growth in Christ. We showed how man was with God but sinned and was moved far away until Jesus came to bring them back together. After the skit was over I explained three simple steps to becoming a Christian; 1 admit you are a sinner, 2 believe Jesus died for your sins, and 3 confess that God is Lord. After that another pastor led the children in the simple prayer to become a Christian, and

somewhere between 25-30 kids prayed that out and accepted Jesus as Lord.

That was our crazy day. God did the unexpected and totally blindsided me. I did not wake up that morning thinking, “God is gonna do something crazy today”, but if this testimony taught me one thing it would be to expect the unexpected, especially when you believe in a crazy God who does crazy things.

By Elsa Meyer

World Explorer DTS Student

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