How Music Bridged The Gap – School of Worship Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on October 30, 2015 in Outreach

While in Sydney my School of Worship outreach team hosted a music night alongside our School of Music in Missions. During the day we wanted to get the word out by inviting people to come and enjoy some acoustic music and “chill vibes”. I tried to make it sound as cool as possible when I spoke to people because in this generation if it isn’t cool then they don’t want anything to do with it… fair enough. We tried getting people to come in heaps of different ways. One guy on the team played some sweet harmonica, another girl played her ukulele.

It was interesting to see people’s responses from being handed a flyer to them wanting a flyer because of the music.

Later that night we set up the hall we were in with candles everywhere. Some people started to play music and others went out trying to draw people in. Only a couple people showed up. One girl came back and said that we were invited to a party that was happening down the street. Some of our team went to check it out and see if they could play music for them. I went along and instantly after arriving had the feeling of a fish out of water.

I had a voice ringing in my head saying “You don’t fit in here.”

You aren’t like them, anymore.” “You can’t be friends with them.” “They’re lost, how could you ever relate to that?” I wanted to run. But all of a sudden my heart screamed out “These are my brothers and sisters. I want to spend time with them.” The music started to play. Two of my team mates started to sing a song together. All of a sudden, there was a warmth in the room. There was this true sense of community, of fellowship. While the music played the atmosphere changed and this once awkward situation turned into home… into a time of fellowship with my family.

I realised in that moment that this is why I love music. Because in society today, there is often a divide between christians and non-christians, but music can be a bridge. I realised in that moment, that this is what we were here for, to bridge the gap that we had made between ourselves and the lost with music. I also loved that it didn’t come from our music night but instead us going to them.

It came from us leaving our comfortable area of influence and going into a dark place and bringing His light.

Through that we found fellowship, community, and family. We found home.

By Kathryn Buchan

School of Worship Student