5 Thoughts On Waiting

By YWAM Newcastle on October 17, 2015 in Staff Blog

1. It never gets any easier.

Just when I think I have mastered the art of waiting, I find myself faced with a new challenge. Waiting longer than I have ever waited before raises questions like “Does God see how long I am waiting?” And those questions raise doubts and subsequently make waiting more difficult. Why can’t I just implicitly trust God with everything? Now that would be the best way to wait. Either that, or hibernation, which I have seriously considered once or twice.

2. The Holy Spirit loves to be waited for.

I don’t totally understand God (maybe you do, and you could enlighten me) but I do know He is really into having us wait. I don’t want to say it builds character because that seems cliche, and like a quote from “Holes”, but actually in Romans 5:4 it says that perseverance builds character. So yeah. If you have the character to persevere, then you get more character. You get character that hopes. And hope does not put us to shame. Because it’s hope in the Holy Spirit, the one we are waiting for. It’s like a cool, but somewhat painful, circle of growth.

3. Everybody does it.

When I am waiting, I feel like the only person in the world who understands what it feels like to wait. I get confused and slightly disoriented. Am I doing the right thing? Am I supposed to be waiting this long? Where am I? Who am I? It helps a little bit to remember that everybody has seasons of waiting. God promises something, we wait for it to happen. A quick Bible survey gives us a list with the likes of Abraham and David and Jesus on it, and that’s not to mention, um, everybody else who has ever followed God in the history of the world. 

4. God is faithful.

In Hebrews 10:23, it says that the One who promised is faithful. In waiting seasons, we are not just waiting for some thing or event, we are waiting for someone. Someone who has proven Himself to be faithful (as in, He keeps His promises). So I have to keep reminding myself of that. My brain is small and squishy and doesn’t remember this all the time. So,  I sing songs about it, and read verses about it, and write blogs about it. Because probably whoever is next to me has a small squishy brain that also forgot what God did yesterday. And the day before that. 

5. God cares a lot less than we do about what we are doing.

Not that God doesn’t care about our actions, but we tend to be very frantic people. I tend to be a frantic person. And when something ends, I MUST DO MORE THINGS. I don’t think God is so interested in filling our schedule as we are. I think He wants us to know Him, and to know different facets of His character, and to implement those things into our character, and all of this has to do with our hearts, not our calendars. 

danica-ywam-staffThis post was written by Danica Sauder who leads our World Explorer DTS. You can also check out her personal blog at www.danicawithamission.com.

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