Serving At Hillsong Conference – Justice & Mercy DTS Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on July 18, 2015 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach, Training

The first week has gone by so fast, but our feet don’t quite say the same. We had the awesome privilege to serve as hosts at the Hillsong conference in Sydney.

In a gathering of 30,000 people praising and worshiping Jesus the Holy Spirit sure made an appearance.

That was the true joy of our time there. Despite standing on our feet all day, seeing every person with their hands up in worship with love for the Lord made every difficult effort a joy. Serving comes out of our love for God, we lay our flesh aside and go out of the way to meet the needs of his valued people. God taught us all a huge amount of patience. Whether in the times of awkward confrontation, or laughing at the dance cam, we felt the strong presence of God around us. Serving at the conference wasn’t about us or how we felt, it was for God. We felt God speak more in the times of serving than listening to the speakers (which were amazing!).

God never misses a chance to teach us something, if we are willing to listen.

The world is moving into a time that history has shown isn’t very pleasant, but where sin abounds grace abounds. Most lost and broken people do not have a correct picture of who God is, but through our example to live Christ like, people will come to know Him. We learned living Christ like isn’t easy, but it’s more than worth it! God is pouring out all over the nations like never before, and it showed with the hundreds of people from all different nations we got the chance to meet and pray for. What an amazing and encouraging experience to have right before we leave the country!

“Pay attention to the words of the spirit. Settle for nothing less than the perfect word of God. Only the perfect and precise words for the people as we pioneer into the future” – Bobbie Huston

By Carla Kortzman
Justice & Mercy DTS Student

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