Five things I’ve Learnt about Filmmaking in YWAM

By YWAM Newcastle on May 21, 2015 in My YWAM Blog, Staff Blog, Training

Hi my name Scott and I’ve worked in the creative department at YWAM Newcastle ever since I joined staff in 2008. I have a passion for the creative arts, especially filmmaking. Below are some of the key things I have learned learnt over the years and continue to learn. I hope you enjoy.

Value people over product

I remember my eager little heart being so focused on my final project in film school where I made the mistake of putting more value on the end product (making a good film) then on valuing my cast and crew. Since then I’ve made it a priority to value the people I’m working with much higher then any task that lies before us.

Simple values like honour, respect and encouragement are needed! I have found that asking questions like “how are you?” and “what was your weekend like?” and making it a point to give encouragements such as “I love your work” are so important. The team here at YWAM Newcastle is growing and I’m needing to uphold these values so that it continues to create a comfortable and safe environment for people to work. Out of these values I’ve seen my team give their all, no matter the type of project! This is such a rewarding feeling!

Structure isn’t the enemy of creativity

In the early days of my filmmaking journey I didn’t really enjoy having structure but over the years I’ve grown to embrace it. The results of having structure marry creativity are quite amazing! Robbie Willingham my department head presented the idea of having a planned timeline of videos we would release weekly throughout the term! Before this, I would release one video every now and then. With the help of a planned timeline we are pumping out at least two videos a week with creativity being the root!

Learn your craft

For about four years I used a low end camera, two lenses, a tripod and a few microphones to create all of YWAM’s Newcastle’s video/photo content. I’d have my camera in my hand all the time and constantly be learning new things about the gear! Sure there were days I wish I had the top of the line equipment but without those years of learning the basics, the high end equipment wouldn’t have made much difference! It’s the person behind the gear that makes the difference!
I ran an online fundraiser last year to upgrade my gear and now have fantastic camera and lighting equipment which is with me all the time!

Welcome critique

Welcoming critique has been and will continue to be an area that I grow in. The more I have learned to welcome input and critique the better the outcome. Collaboration crucifies vanity.

Stay passionate

Passion is what first got me into filmmaking. Films tell stories and stories with passion are the ones we all love and gravitate towards! What has helped me stay passionate over the years has been having close friends that are also creative who have inspired me and encouraged me. It’s been very important for me to not stay staring at the screen for hours on end but to get out and collaborate with others!

I’m currently doing a School of Communication & Digital Influence here at YWAM Newcastle which is going really well. I’m soaking up all the wisdom from our teachers and already seeing the benefits of this course!

By, Scott Berry
YWAM Newcastle Staff & School of Communication & Digital Influence Student

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