The Gospel With Hot Chocolate – UK Outreach Update

By YWAM Newcastle on May 2, 2015 in Discipleship Training Schools

Below is an update from one of our DTS outreach teams that are serving in the United Kingdom.

The week our group arrived in Cambridge, we were instantly immersed into the church community. Through that we were able to meet several people, many of whom wanted us to partner with them for upcoming ministry opportunities. Among those individuals was a couple that run an outreach called Arbury Hot Chocolate. Their goal is to reach the youth in the community of Cambridge. Together they go out on the streets of Cambridge and give out hot chocolate and if presented an opportunity, share the gospel. Once every few months, they put on a night of free pizza with a special guest speaker. When it came time for them to do their pizza night, they realized that they didn’t have anyone to come along and speak.

As they were praying about what to do and whether or not to cancel this month’s event, God gave them our team.

We were able to begin to build relationship in the community by handing out hot chocolate and inviting the young people of Cambridge to have pizza with us! We were encouraged to see that a lot of the youth were excited to come hangout with our group and hear our testimonies. The night of the event, we started by introducing our team and telling everybody where we were from. That generated a lot of excitement because we were not from England. Next we presented a drama that God gave to our team about identity and self-worth and how our true identity is found in Jesus. Two of our team members gave their testimonies, and another told the story of the gospel. Through all of this, there were children that seemed like they were not paying attention and were being rowdy and distracted.

But towards the end when we asked if they wanted to follow Jesus, a number of them raised their hands and said yes!

Through this, the Lord showed us His goodness and how He is able to speak to everyone in their own way even when it may not seem like they’re interested. As the night progressed and the pizza was handed out, we were able to build relationships with some of the youth. Many were very curious about what we had been sharing. When we asked if they had a church to go to, they said no, but wanted to go with us.

It was cool to see how some of the younger ones just wanted to be with us and go where we went, simply because they saw the love of Jesus through us.

Our team walked away blessed to be a blessing,

and thankful to God for the seeds we were able to plant. We pray that that the youth of Cambridge will continue to grow in their desire to know Jesus.

Paul B.
January DTS Student

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