I Wanted To Leave, But God Did A Miracle

By YWAM Newcastle on April 14, 2015 in Evangelism, Music

Last night I did an event at a park with my local church here in Newcastle. To be totally honest, I was absolutely dreading the thought of going all day.

I was utterly exhausted after an extremely full season of perceived giving, giving, giving.

I was meant to sing some songs, even though just talking was extremely painful. I was also feeling deeply frustrated about a huge fine I had received on a recent trip which was also followed by a flashing engine light on my car the day I got back. I felt I was at the absolute end of my rope.

Right as we were meant to begin it started to rain semi heavily and I thought to myself

“here’s my chance to get out of this.”

That thought was immediately met by Jesus’ thought “just play some songs unplugged under the tree coverings.” I complied, and it was sonically uninspiring and rough as guts. No one really listened, except one or two, and the rest of the group were contemplating leaving and going home. One of those who were listening was a middle aged homeless man. He looked so full of joy as he watched us play. He gave me a huge hug as soon as we stopped and

I asked him that simple, yet dangerous question: “How can I pray for you?”

He shared about his challenges living on the street and that his back was in pain from carrying his stuff around all day. We prayed and released Jesus’ love into his life, and specifically his back. He described a tingly warmth all up his back, and much to my absolute joy and slight surprise, he exclaimed that the pain was completely gone. I then sat with him in the wet grass while the other acts played. We prayed that this year would be the year he gets to re-unite with his 19 year old daughter whom he hasn’t seen since she was 13.

Truth is, when we are at the end of our rope/grace, God has more grace for us then we could possibly comprehend. Truth is, my challenges are absolutely tiny compared to my new friend.

I don’t know end of the rope like he does. Jesus does though, and he somehow weaved me into bringing real hope and change into another person’s life last night.

By Stevie Lujan

Stevie is a musician and leads our School of Music in Missions developing musicians to use their skills to share Jesus with others. Interested in finding out more? CLICK HERE