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By YWAM Newcastle on April 10, 2015 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Upon our arrival to the beautiful Aboriginal community of Gilgandra, our team was asked to pray for rain. There had not been a drop of rain in 5 months. Elders of the church explained to us the desperate need the community felt for rain. Water tanks would soon be empty, the land was dry, and spirits were not running so high. Gilgandra, Australia survives and thrives off of rain water. This is the water the people use for everything; drinking, bathing, and watering crops on the farms. Homes are accompanied by water tanks that fill themselves when the rain comes. When the tanks are empty, the community suffers because they have to buy water from the store, which is very expensive. The farmers, especially, are at a loss because their crops die without water.

With the current lack of rain in this community, every water tank on the farms were empty. Gilgandra needed rain, and badly.

On the morning of Good Friday, our team was praying for the day. Many of us felt like God was speaking to us through different impressions of water. One member of our team saw a blanket of water coming down on the town, while another person saw a picture of rain clouds following people and showering down on them. These impressions continued throughout our team. Honestly, we didn’t dig too deep with any of these feelings. Our thoughts were that we would shower the people of this community with God’s love. As it turned out, God had bigger plans in store for us.

That same Friday afternoon as we were doing youth ministry at the Gilgandra Showgrounds for an Aboriginal Easter Convention, clouds began to appear in the sky. They were normal clouds at first, but they gradually became darker and darker. Rain began to fall little by little and everyone became so excited!

It was the first time they had seen rain in so many months!

Around dinnertime and our evening service, however, that excitement turned into all out elation. The rain was pouring so hard on the metal rooftop of the building that we couldn’t hear what the speaker was saying! The majority of the 50 children at the convention were running around in the pounding rain screaming and playing. Many of our team joined them, of course. Though we ended that day wet, muddy, and exhausted, we felt so blessed at witnessing God answer the prayer the community was so desperately praying.

I know God answers prayers, but to see Him work so quickly, and to see the end result of our prayers, is such an incredible blessing.

The community of Gilgandra was beginning to suffer without rain, and God rejuvenated them with hope. It has now rained in this community for four days in a row! Our prayers are so powerful. Our God is so powerful. Our God is so good.

By: Bekah Waterhouse
Sports DTS Student

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