Here I Am, Send Me – Trailblazers Outreach Update

By YWAM Newcastle on February 7, 2015 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

The Transit centre: A yellow building, right next to a market and literally thirty feet from the water, is a place for people who live on the smaller islands of Papua New Guinea to stay while they are on the mainland. The environment there is ever changing; people are constantly coming and going. As a team we have evangelized there a bundle of times these last few weeks, but we have never had a crowd like we did the other night.

We kicked the night off with worship while the crowd began to form. Near the end of the set there were over 150 people left in silence from the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit. God was moving not only inside the room, but outside of it as well. The cement path that led to the door outside was filled with people crowding and clinging to the fence trying to see & hear the “Dim Dims” (foreigners) speak.

Jake had shared a message and followed it with a bold statement saying, “I know that there is at least one person here who is called to missions overseas!”… and he was right.

We closed the evening with an open invitation for prayer and dispersed to chat with people. As I was putting on my shoes a lady sat down next to me and said “I want to talk to you.” She told me that as Jake was speaking she had visions of herself preaching the word of God. Her face was filled with joy as she smiled at me and I couldn’t help but smile ecstatically back. As I prayed for this woman and spoke life into her vision I imagined her future and my excitement grew even more knowing that the plans the Lord has for her are greater than any plans I could ever fathom.

This is only one story of many who were impacted by the message God spoke through us that night. We walked away encouraged knowing that we had really made a difference in this community. The environment of the transit centre had changed yet again, but this time it was by the presence and word of God.

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Trailblazers DTS