Limitless In The Desert

By YWAM Newcastle on November 25, 2014 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach, Training

Our July DTS Teams are finishing strong in the few final weeks of their outreach phase. Having been apart of so much during their time away, this recent update gives further testimony of how they have experienced God’s limitless character.

This week our team set out across the desert lands to visit a small village of people that have never been reached with the gospel. We soon found out that the children, as well as most of the adults, spoke a dialect that our native translator could not understand. It was then we realised we had to get creative.

Some of our team started to play with the small children while praying over them out loud, while a few others stood back and helped where they were able.
While the girls on our team visited with some ladies in their home, we discovered that one of the daughters, 13 years old, was deaf.

We knew then to ask God to heal her hearing. Since our translator wasn’t available, we just began to pray out loud in the house, with the ladies smiling and staring at us the entire time. We finished up with a song of ‘Jesus loves me’, to the children and women alike – as a prayer over their home. We could really sense God’s presence in that village.

As our team was leaving the sun was setting behind the mountains, and for us it was a beautiful picture of God’s light shining from the village. It proved that no matter how wide a language barrier might seem, there is no limit to how God can move through any barrier, no matter what language we speak.

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