Expecting an Encounter

By YWAM Newcastle on November 8, 2014 in Outreach, Training, Youth Ministry

Our SOIYM team has been in Tauranga for one out of three weeks! We have already seen God work miracles.

We have been attending a youth group called Highlife Youth. The first day we went I connected with these two girls who are best friends. I asked a lot of questions and they opened up to some good conversation. Afterwards we talked more and they ended up giving their lives to the Jesus stating that they were ready. Go God!

Another  night, we went to a different youth group.  At the start of the night, I was able to get up front to share a story relating to my time in youth group and how I didn’t go expecting to know God more. I told about how I wasted a lot of time. I shared how if they’re going to be there, then to come expecting to encounter God. After the service, I was sitting down and texting. Then I felt convicted that I should be going around talking to people instead. I wasn’t feeling too good so I didn’t really want to but I asked God, “Okay fine, who do you want me to talk to?” I looked around the room and I felt to talk to this one girl sitting alone. I went up to her and said, “How’s your relationship with God?” She replied, “Not very good!” That led to a deep conversation of questions, answers, confusion, breakthrough, understanding and ultimately eternal life! She also decided to take a “first step” of trusting God and giving her heart to Him. Afterwards I found out that this girl has been asking a lot of questions lately, and challenging a lot of “God things”. I also found out that she had gotten prayed for and healed of a head and backache that night. So God has been working in her life. God led me to her at just the right time!

Our team has also had the opportunity to explore the city by going on a few hikes.  New Zealand is absolutely stunning and I’m so glad we are here. In a couple weeks we will be moving to Queenstown, New Zealand for three more weeks. We are excited to see how God will be using us while we are there. Keep us in your prayers!


Emily Potter

School of Innovative Youth Ministry Student