God the Provider – Outreach Week 1

By YWAM Newcastle on October 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Our July quarter outreaches are underway!  Here is an overview of what one team has been doing so far in Newcastle in their assistance with the Ship Tour!


There’s an old phrase that says “One day at a time” but for Team Promised Land it has been “One person at a time”.  Going into the final couple of weeks prior to outreach, God began giving each of us our own breakthrough story.  By day one of outreach God had provided the finances for all of our team except one vital person, our leader.  Although we were able to begin the outreach on the YWAM Medical Ship MV Ammari, we weren’t a complete team.  Our leader, still needing $4,300 to join us, continued to pray and fundraise.  We, as a team, met every morning and any other opportunity to pray for her finances.  During those first three days of outreach, God released money in such a way that only He could receive the credit.  Even through uncertain circumstances, our leader positioned herself in a place of faith and leaning into God.  Money started coming in from all directions.  By day four, all of the outreach finances were paid and our leader was reunited with us on the ship!  The struggle through lack of finances has made us a stronger and more unified team. 

We have worked together this week with other YWAM teams to promote the MV Ammari’s mission, Overcome Impossible for PNG, around Newcastle. Our team has been able to help people understand YWAM and what we represent.  God has given us record numbers of tour guests along with great financial donations.  Up to this point, we have seen over 3,500 guests tour the ship and raised over $27,000 in donations!  We are all looking forward to what God has prepared for us in the upcoming weeks.  Stay tuned for Team Promised Land’s Adventures with God.

Chrystal Parsons

July DTS Student