More Than This I The Seekers Showcase

By YWAM Newcastle on September 19, 2014 in Discipleship Training Schools, Featured, Photo

Last week, our Music and Arts DTS hosted our first ever showcase.  The Seeker Showcase featured all range of creative arts including photography, music, dance, and original artworks.  The students and staff invited the community to come and enjoy the night with the hope that they would leave inspired and encouraged in God.

Here is one of the original artworks from the night by one of the students, Luina Bell.  Way to go Luina!



“More Than This”

This painting was inspired by two women written about in the bible; both Mary Magdalene and of “the woman at the well”.  These were women who wanted more from the lives that they’d been living, not satisfied, and both women encountered Jesus in different ways.  Jesus lived a life that showed love, accepted the unaccepted, and these women were only two of the thousands of people that got to experience that, and whose lives were completely transformed because of it.

I wanted to create something that explored what a seeker’s heart looked like and I think these were two women who totally reflected that.  I also wanted to represent how my life has been one of longing and searching for more than the mundane.  I’ve always craved adventure and excitement and despite the darker undertone found in this piece, I wanted to really express that wanting that I’d always felt.  The wanting that these women had also felt.

That is why I decided to portray this woman reaching out for something, a representation of that desire. For a life much more than this.