The Word in Her Hands

By YWAM Newcastle on September 18, 2014 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach, Training

Our April Quarter students are back from outreach and in their Debrief week!  We commissioned them last night and prayed for them as they follow God into the next season.  Here is a story from the Asia team from their final week of outreach!


During our weekly kids ministry a girl came up to me and held my hand. I was a little startled at first because I had never seen her before. She walked across a big field with me to where we were about to give a message. She insisted that I sit right next to her. After the message I started asking her questions. She told me she was not a Christian, but she likes coming to the kids ministry. This ministry is mostly geared towards young children, but she is 13. She has heard the gospel many times, yet still doesn’t believe. We made other small talk then I told her that I really hope she will believe in Jesus one day soon because he loves her so much. Then I took out an English bible I had in my bag. I asked her if she likes to read in English and she said yes and got really excited. I told her I was giving her this book. It is God’s Word and it will help her with English and it will help her learn more about Jesus. She just could not believe I was giving her a book in English and she said, “Really??? I can keep it??” I said of course you can and you should read a little bit every day!! She gave me a big hug goodbye and said we would see each other the next week. A few days later I saw her again. She ran up to me and gave me a hug. I asked her if she had read the book and she said yes!! She may not have accepted Jesus yet, but the Word of God is in her hands and making its way to her heart one day at a time.  I trust that He will work in her heart and transform her life!


April DTS student