Hungry for More – Outreach Update

By YWAM Newcastle on July 29, 2014 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Once a week we go to the local hospital to visit the patients and pray for them.

One of my favourite stories from this was the other day when we brought bible tracts and bibles written in Hindi and Bengali to give to the people in the hospital. We actually began passing them out on our walk to the hospital and as we were giving them out everybody wanted them.  We had crowds gathering around us and busses and cars pulling over to receive them. They would read them instantly and some wanted to hear more about Jesus right then.

At the hospital I was able to pray for a young girl who had been there for a few days. Her family was there with her and they very much appreciated the prayer.  I couldn’t say much to them because I didn’t have the translator with me, but when I was leaving I gave each of them a tract and they all started reading it right away.

A little while later after we had moved to a room down the hall, the dad of the girl came running over to us and asked our translator for bibles and directions to our church because he wanted to start bringing his family.

It has been amazing in just this past week seeing what God is doing in this city and we are so excited to see what else He will do!

By Abigail Betts
Justice & Mercy DTS Student

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