A 15 Year Old’s Words – Youth Adventures

By YWAM Newcastle on July 15, 2014 in Evangelism, Outreach, Youth Ministry

“So what do you think it takes to get into Heaven?”

This was the leading question 15 year old Noah asked a hungry backpacker during an afternoon of sharing Gods love at a free BBQ in the town of Byron Bay, NSW…

Young people want to be bold and courageous for Jesus when given the opportunity and encouragement. Each year at Youth Adventures we take a high school group of students and teachers on a short term outreach to experience knowing God and making Him known. Last week we took a team of 24 people including 16 teenagers and their 5 teachers on their first missions trip during the school holidays with a couple of YWAMers. On the first day of Youth Adventures we began with several sessions of dynamic training at YWAM Newcastle with topics such as hearing Gods voice, evangelism, and confronting fear of man. The students were aged 14-16 and ready to be challenged to step out of their comfort zone to allow God to move through them to reach the lost.

When we finished our training we drove 8 hours and spent four days doing street evangelism, beach volleyball tournaments, and feeding the homeless. Byron Bay is a small coastal town with a population under 10,000 residents however this town has over a million backpackers visiting each it year. Byron Bay is populated with hippies, tourists, locals, and a lot of young people. Its a colourful place with buskers on every corner and everything from the weird to absurd. One thing we discovered was that every backpacker was on a personal journey and searching for truth.

One afternoon during a game of beach volleyball we met and connected with people from 8 different nations including Russia, France, Italy and the UK. We shared about why we were there and had an opportunity to pray for them.

Everywhere we went God opened the doors of peoples hearts through meaningful conversations.

Our teens were also able to present songs, dramas and testimonies about Gods love in a local nursing home. Each of the students took the opportunity to pray for anyone who wanted to experience Gods love, salvation and healing. There is nothing else like a 14 year old with a passion to share about God.

Through our team of teens we saw the following happen…

21 bibles handed out
34 people prayed for individually through street evangelism.
1 salvation
17 teenagers shared their testimonies