YWAM DTS Applicant Says Yes To God

By YWAM Newcastle on July 4, 2014 in Discipleship Training Schools

This post is written by one of our Music & Arts DTS students that starts her DTS next week.

“Yes Lord” are two very powerful words.

Has God asked you to do something or go somewhere that seems impossible? Our human response is yeah right, or God I can’t do that. What if we just said “yes Lord” and began preparation?

10 months ago God told me to go to DTS in Australia that would cost over $10,000 and 6 months off work.

Response 1: God there’s no way I can raise that much money in 10 months and loose my job.

Response 2: Ok God I’ll turn in my DTS application.

When I finally got to Response 2 God told me to quit looking at the $10,000 and look at the $100 deposit, then the visa cost and so on. In the past 10 months God has provided for every deadline and made a way for me to have my job upon returning after DTS. God is always faithful to provide if we respond with “Yes Lord”. What is God asking you to do that you’re stuck on Response 1?

Advice: move to Response 2 and just say “Yes Lord” and watch God’s provision unfold in your life.

Chrystal Parsons
Music & Arts DTS Student 2014