The Banquet & Short Film – Week 2 Limitless Update

By YWAM Newcastle on June 13, 2014 in Limitless 2014, News

Last week we saw God do some incredible things! In only the first week, and before going into the night of our banquet we had already seen $11,620.00 come in. The Banquet brought in a total of $22,106.00, and in the last few days we have seen over $7k come in, bringing us to a total of….


We are so blown away and so grateful for the generosity of those who have given so far! We are excited for what God will continue to do as we get further into the campaign to reach our goal of $100k.

Another huge highlight from the last week was an amazing short film created by our creative staff team. We featured it on the night of the banquet but as of today it is up online for you to view! It is an incredible film highlighting God’s limitless love for us. Be sure to check it out below and share with your friends.

We hope you are encouraged by what God is doing through this campaign, and hope you as well will experience His limitless character this week in some way. Something we as a staff here are doing is sharing online through blogs or Facebook posts about how God has been Limitless in our lives, personally. We want to invite you to join in, whether it be just shooting us an email, or posting something online yourself, we want to spread this news as far as it can get and would love you to do it with us. Be sure to hash tag #limitless2014 in your post.

Thanks so much for reading – for more on Limitless or to give towards our campaign visit


David Stephenson