31 New Lives in 1 Day – Asia Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on May 14, 2014 in Discipleship Training Schools, Evangelism, Outreach

We made it to Asia!  Our very first day here God worked wonders through us, but first we need to fill you in on a little of our situation here.

We are working with a YWAM ministry called Megacities.

Every two years Megacities chooses a different metropolis to send YWAM teams year round, where each team is given a region to minister to.  This year Megacities has chosen a major city in Asia and has divided the city into twelve different regions. We were assigned to region eleven.

On the day we arrived, we dove right into ministry. We had a meeting with all the teams from the twelve regions where we discussed how God was already moving in the city, how we could pray for the city, and our plan for our next few weeks.

Each team set out around the church and invited people off the street to join us for some dramas, music, and testimonies.

With about seventy YWAM students we were able to gather a few hundred people from the urban setting around us.

From there we played worship music, engaged the people in a drama about our Saviour Jesus Christ, and some of us got up and shared the power of God in their own personal lives.

At the end we asked the translator to have people raise their hands if they wanted prayer.  We were able to pray with over fifty people and

31 of those who raised their hand gave their lives to Jesus that day.

It was a picture of what our next few months here would bring!

Please continue to pray for us here in Region 11.

Written by Grant Rosen
YWAM Newcastle Sports DTS

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