Skater Sees Light in a Blackout – Chile Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on May 6, 2014 in Discipleship Training Schools, Evangelism, Outreach

During our time in Chile, we are staying at the YWAM Pichilemu base, or JUCUM to our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters. The base, two hours south west of the capital Santiago, nestles on a hillside with stunning views out over the Pacific Ocean. While here we are helping with an on-base building project, and helping run programs for a local special needs school and the towns youth, while spreading God’s love in the local community through street evangelism and giving out gifts.

We quickly identified a basketball court turned skatepark as the focal point for Pichilemu’s youth,

and certainly a priority area for our evangelism. A successful first trip saw us connect with two young people who came to church with us on Sunday, but it was on our second visit that we were really able to witness God move.

We arrived to find the giant floodlights off, with a haze covering the full moon, and only a single skater there.

We jumped at the opportunity to share God’s personal love for this guy, while the rest of the team seized the chance to pray over the unusually abandoned court and claim the area for Jesus. Two of the team were able to speak truth into the skater’s life and to pray with him before he had to go, leaving us to pray for more people to come to the park and for Jesus’ love to shine.

Surely enough another skater turned up, and finding the floodlights off he took a seat, and we took our chance. With the help of a bilingual YWAMer, we were able to speak with Lucas*.
He explained how ten years ago God had broken off addiction in his life when he had cried out to Him after the passing of his mother. It had not resulted in a relationship with God but the roots were there. One of the guys on our team said that his hands burned as he laid them on Lucas, praying for him in a language foreign to Lucas, yet speaking straight to his heart.

As the team had been interceding, and praying with him,the floodlights came on and the haze lifted from the moon.

Lucas gave his life to Jesus that night.

We thanked God for his work in the physical, praising him for what he had then done in the spiritual, bringing Lucas into the light.

We are thankful for the work God has us doing in Pichilemu, and we continue to pray for many more salvations.

*name changed for privacy

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Sports DTS

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