The Lost Are Found – Cunnamulla Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on April 24, 2014 in Discipleship Training Schools, Evangelism, Outreach

This morning I want to talk about Luke 15.  When one sheep goes missing the shepherd leaves the flock to find the lost animal.” Christian’s blue eyes shone bright as he continued to speak from his heart.

God wants us to go after the lost souls here, in the same manner, with the same vigour.  And when He saves that lost sheep, angels sing and dance welcoming one more into God’s kingdom.

The youth here in Cunnamulla have placed their comfort and identity in addictions and fleeting things of this world, but our team would not give up on them.  We wanted to show that finding yourself in Jesus Christ was the answer to their unending questions.

A few hours after Christian’s morning devotion, Jacqueline stood at the front of the crowd giving her own testimony. Her smile tried to keep back a few tears that her eyes could not hide.

I used to set my goals with the same standards of the world around me.  I wanted to be the most popular, I wanted to be amazing at sports, and I wanted to make sure I had the image of perfection. I was trying to hide how I was on the inside.  I was broken until I gave all of myself to Jesus Christ.  He is my identity now and He is my comfort.

After she prayed to end her testimony one little girl came up and asked if they could talk.  As they sat together at the back of the crowd the girl began, “I want to know what Jesus thinks of me.”  Her little hands quivered in apprehension.

“Then ask Him!”  Jacqueline said with enthusiasm.

She began to pray quietly and eventually let out a nervous smile, “He thinks I’m beautiful.”

“Do you want to know more?  Ask Him if He loves you.”  Jacqueline exclaimed joyfully.

She closed her eyes tight and spoke once again with tears running down her face, “God told me He loves me more than the whole world!”

They prayed together and in that very moment that little girl asked Jesus to come into her heart. “I saw Jesus and all His angels singing!”  She said with a giggle.

Jacqueline stated with a heart full of joy, “that is because He has found one of His little lost sheep.”

Written by Grant Rosen
Sports DTS

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