Great Expectation in Argentina – Sports DTS Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on April 15, 2014 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

The first update from our Sports DTS outreach team that recently arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We are currently staying in a church here in the city. This church has gone through a series of difficult challenges over the past ten years that has taken it from a thriving community of youth and a large congregation to an almost complete lack of youth and a weekly effort to fill at least half of the pews. In addition, the worship band currently only consists of a vocalist and pianist, the pastor (single parent with another full time job) only receives half the wage he deserves due to a lack of church finances, and the church building is falling apart through lack of significant use apart from the Sunday service. This church is in a physical drought. There is, however, a lasting hope with unconditional love and the enormous presence of God.

Yes, God is still here. “I will not abandon you nor forsake you.”

God’s promise flows through this church. This promise of God’s attentiveness and intimate interest in people is shown through the many ministries this church provides.

With the arrival of our team, the church has felt a breath of fresh air and a surge of hope.

“There are youth praising God within these walls again!”

Recently, a group of us taught English to youth in the slums of Buenos Aires. Suddenly seeing cardboard houses, scattered trash in the streets, and wrought-iron bars over every window and door made us feel as though we had entered a completely new country. As we talked about basic words and phrases with the youth in the donated classroom, the sense of fatalism and hopelessness was made real to us. These kids are illiterate. They feel trapped in the slums. They don’t know the reality of God’s love and the depth of his character.

Maybe you’re wondering…”God, how can I help? How can I show others your love?”

We see the answer in the faces of these beautiful Argentinian youth.

As the first YWAM team to ever come to this church, we feel greatly privileged to be entrusted by God with laying a foundation and breathing new life into this struggling church and city.

God has called us here for such a time as this. We will teach English and carpentry in the slums, sell second hand clothes in the church lobby, share testimonies and bible stories in small groups all over town, perform dramas on streets and in church, clean and paint every inch of this building, join the band, play hours upon hours of soccer and basketball even when we are tired, volunteer at city schools, and do anything else God calls us to do.

Why? Because we have decided to love God and love people. Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime. Period.

Please join us in what God is doing here by praying for us, this church, and the Argentinians. Greater things are yet to come.

Written by Roman Fleetwood
Sports DTS Student

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