Giving Roses to Prostitutes – Compassion DTS Mexico Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on February 12, 2014 in Discipleship Training Schools, Evangelism, Outreach

Upon arriving in Mexico City we watched the documentary Volviendo, which means ‘Returning’ in Spanish. The film focuses on sex trafficking in Latin America and specifically speaks about and shows footage of the famous tourist center, El Zocalo, where we happened to be staying. Nearby Zocalo is the notorious La Merced. It is one of the largest marketplaces and red-light districts in Mexico.

The streets are filled with food and other vendors, but also lined with prostitutes, many of which are under 18 years old.

We had a time of intercession and prayer for those we would meet in La Merced. Joni got a picture of five roses and felt God wanted him to purchase the flowers and hand them out to specific girls. He felt that some may already know Jesus, and others will accept Him.

That evening our team and a team from YWAM Los Angeles paired up to distribute gift bags and speak with many girls, and we all felt the covering of prayer from those interceding on base. Joni went with Tasha to give out the five roses. Two of the girls who received roses already believed in Jesus, which was what Joni had heard from God earlier in prayer.

One rose was given to a young girl who when first approached was only open to speaking with Tasha. They gave her a written word of encouragement about how much God desires a better life for her, and she fought back the tears as she read it.

God told Joni to give her a rose and shared that although the flower won’t last, God’s love is everlasting and she is precious to Him.

She looked into his eyes for the first time at this moment, and smiled warmly. The ever-present sadness left her face, and was replaced with so much joy!
God’s presence was strong and Joni nearly cried himself from the overwhelming sense.

We  found out later that another girl they spoke with and gave the rose to accepted Jesus into her heart, hearing how much love He has for her and wanting to experience it for herself.

God did incredible things that night. All the girls receiving roses were changed by joy and encouragement after encountering God.

Written by Michelle Brown
Compassion DTS Student

A photo of the team in Mexico City.