Angels Singing in Argentina – Compassion DTS Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on February 12, 2014 in Discipleship Training Schools, Evangelism, Outreach

The latest testimony from our Compassion DTS outreach team currently serving in Argentina.

Last Saturday night, students Alyssa and Jonathan, with myself, got to organise a church service. While praying, Jonathan felt led to share a word on Unity, Alyssa a word on Worship and I felt like sharing on Prayer. We decided to tag-team and call our message: ‘The POWER of United Worship and Prayer.’

First Jonathan shared and then Alyssa. Right before my turn to speak, God asked me to lay down my teaching. I asked Him what His plan was and He said

He wanted me to lead the community into harmonising.

It doesn’t matter what nation you’re from, everyone can harmonise together in unity. But me…I don’t think of myself as a good singer. Most of this Spanish speaking community were children, parents and grandparents. It was definitely a risk. But I did what God asked me to do…It sounded beautiful and fitted so well with the message Jonathan and Alyssa had shared.

After the service, several church people walked up to me and said, “This has been the craziest service I have ever been to!”

I thought, “Well, perhaps you aren’t used to much then.”

A guy said, “I have never seen such an incredible thing before.”

Another girl said, “I have never heard such a powerful thing before,”

so I asked them, “The harmonising you mean?”

The guy said, “No, the staircase that suddenly appeared from behind you and the angels that started walking up and down from heaven. It was like as in Jacob’s dream…”

The girl then said, “First, I didn’t understand what you were trying to do,

I heard you guys harmonising but suddenly hundreds of heavenly voices started to join you guys! It was the most powerful thing I have ever heard.”

I was like, “WHAT?” One of our students, Justine, heard instruments she didn’t recognise along with other students that heard angels singing. We found out that this community had actually been struggling with Unity, so this was very important for them to experience! Wow, it’s Powerful when we do what God asks us to do!

Written by Dieuwke Smit
Compassion DTS Leader


Students, Jonathan and Nancy sharing at the church.