Student Entry: Visual Communications

By YWAM Newcastle on June 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

We are currently running a School of Communication Foundations. Below is a blog entry from one of our students in the area of visual communications.

The things we do come from who we are! If we have our identity in God, the reflection of our heart is a part of God´s heart! When we embrace who we are, then we step out more as the person God created us to be.

Being who we are shows the world who God has created us to be.

We all have the ability to be visual communicators. Your actions speak. You are seen by both the unseen and seen world, so start living in this world in God’s image and impact everything around you! Do you believe that God has created you deliberatly and for a purpose? Are you communicating this?

God speaks a lot to us through visual communication. The leaf might fall off the tree and lose its actual purpose, but it can still be used. It could be picked up and dried. The change might be uncomfortable but after, it will be even stronger. It could have a place in a beautiful picture, but for that to occur, it has to stop holding on to the tree. The leaf would never have a greater purpose than hanging on the tree, but with some help it can be enabled to bring joy for more than just a season.

Leaf! Stop holding on to the tree and live for a greater calling.
Leave! Stop holding on to the world and live for a greater calling.


God might change your heart and it´ll be uncomfortable but then you are prepared for something far greater, because your foundations will be strong.

When you live with the persepctive of ‘one day I´ll be buried under the ground’ versus ‘one day I´ll live for eternity in heaven’, it will change the way you live. Even when you think you’ve lost your purpose, because you failed in the world like the leaf failed on the tree, God can still use you and show you your real purpose – what you were made for.

Be brave and take a step towards God. Go on a journey with Him. Allow Him to shape your character and prepare you. Trust that He can make something beautiful out of you. He can enable you to do what He has called you to do!

And then you will leave a legacy, not just a grave.

Who knows – don´t ever underestimate your destiny or rather, Creator!

Julia Boyer
School of Communication Foundations

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