Preaching & Praying On A Bus – Venezuela Outreach

On the way home from our team being on the radio, Nicoletta felt lead from God to preach on our bus. In Venezuela the main way of transportation is through buses, which can be very scary and very exciting at the same time. This is one of the many ways God provides an opportunity to share His love and compassion to people. The Holy Spirit was moving in Nicoletta´s heart and was

encouraging her to stand up in front of these people and preach the Gospel.

When she stood up to preach the bus was silent. Everyone´s attention was drawn into the words she spoke through her personal testimony and how God has changed her life. After she was finished, the bus was silent, taking in the words she had spoken. She had asked at the very end if there was anyone that needed prayer. Immediately two hands shot up and Nicoletta went over to pray for them. The first person that she prayed for was a 15 year old kid that was angry and hated feeling this way and he knew he needed a change. The other person was an older woman who had various health issues and was thankful of Nicoletta´s prayer for healing. As she was praying we passed around visual cards that explained a short summary of the Gospel in Spanish. One of the major struggles of this country is with their view of God, which most of them do believe in, but do not have a personal relationship with Him. They see God only through religion and they don´t understand the concept of being in relationship with God. They need people to speak words of boldness through God´s love. God is using each of us to step out in boldness in different forms to speak His truth in love.

Bo Jones
DTS Outreach Team Leader