Checked Out Of Hospital – South Africa Outreach

The latest testimony from our Sports DTS outreach team currently in South Africa

The past couple of weeks our team has been able to go into the local hospital and pray for the sick. We went there with the expectancy of God’s power to heal the sick, to give strength to the families and to encourage the doctors. Last week we were able to go into the maternity ward, but this week we were allowed into the children’s emergency ward. When we first walked in the woman in charge came up to us and said that she had been waiting for us to come back to pray for her back. Previously she had a major knee problem. The doctors had told her that she would never be able to bend her knee again normally. But Pastor Fola, our contact, had come into the hospital previously and she saw full mobility and strength come into her knee that day when he prayed for her.

So today she was full of faith! She knew God was going to heal her.

As we laid hands on her back she told us that her back was getting warmer and knew God was healing her right then. Afterwards we met a woman who had a 7 week old boy. He was in the hospital because his lungs weren’t working properly. His mom was holding him in her lap as he was crying and trying to gasp for air. He was using a breathing mask to try and help him get oxygen into his lungs. It broke our hearts to see a baby doing all that he could to breathe and stay alive. We talked with the mother and asked if we could pray for her son and within minutes we saw him stop crying and begin to breathe normally. The mom was so excited she asked us to come back tomorrow to pray for her son. We told her that we could come back tomorrow but her son would not be there because he is healed. She thanked us and when we stopped by later the boy didn’t have to use the breathing mask at all anymore. In fact he was sound asleep! The mother was so happy and said

I will not be seeing you guys tomorrow, my son is healed!

It was truly amazing to not only see God perform miracles right in front of our eyes, but to see people full of faith in the power of our great God!