300 Elderly Athletes In Canberra – Sports DTS Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on April 23, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Sports DTS Outreach Update from Canberra, Australia

Our outreach team recently volunteered at the Elderly Olympics held at the Mpowerdome Sporting Facility. This event had elderly people from a variety of retirement homes participating in different games. Our team was assigned as parking attendants to help out the organization of the event. During this Bo met an older Australian gentleman who had certificates in Engineering, law, and sports. Their discussion focussed on the matters of faith and different religions. He seemed very open and when he asked Bo what the main difference between all the different religions and Christianity is Bo responded by saying it has to deal with relationship with God and His love towards us. After the conversation, he was appreciative for Bo explaining his relationship with God.

He seemed to take it as a new piece of information that he had not heard before.

At the end Bo prayed for him to have faith to believe in Jesus. One of the major things we have learnt is that you are not always going to see the fruit, but all that matters is the seeds. The wonderful thing about our God is that He does the rest.

Though sometimes we do get to be witnesses of the fruit.

Nicoletta was talking to an elderly man about how he was miserable because he couldn’t breathe very well due to a condition he had. She rapidly felt God’s loving heart for him and asked if she could pray that the Holy Spirit would heal him. Instantly his breathing seemed to be better and he could speak clearly. He was very shocked over what had happened and left Nicoletta standing in awe of how God used her. That day God had a divine appointment for all of us. It goes to show that

when we have a willing heart God will use us.

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