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By YWAM Newcastle on April 17, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Week 2 report from our Sports DTS outreach team in South Africa.

This week our team had the opportunity to minister to patients in a drug rehabilitation center in Worcester. This center is called Toevlug, which means ‘resting place’ in Afrikaans. It is a place where they are completely away from everything and can spend time with God. When we got there we were greeted with 25 patients who came to hear our program. They ranged from their teens up to about 60 years old. You could see in their faces a hardness and hopelessness. Though to our amazement, right from the beginning, you could

literally feel the Holy Spirit moving

and touching hearts. We began by singing hymns and also some Afrikaans songs. I shared about the parable of the Prodigal Son and how God relentlessly pursues His children. I explained God’s forgiveness and His unfailing love. We also performed a skit where we show how when Jesus is kicked out of the driver’s seat of our life we will crash. Claudio was then able to share his personal testimony with the patients of how God can heal addictions and transform their lives. That they are not hopeless and it is something they WILL overcome by the power of Jesus Christ! We had a time afterwards of ministering to them. Almost every single person raised their hand to ask God to take the driver seat and ask Him into their life. We saw grown men weeping as they encountered God’s love for the first time in years and started to believe that they do have a wonderful future! Before we left we had another worship time with them. It was one of the most powerful times any of us had ever been to.

The men and women were raising their hands crying out to Jesus,

not only out of desperation but of hope. It was a total transformation from when we first arrived. We went there with the motive of blessing and impacting their lives, but to our amazement, we were greatly blessed and inspired ourselves.

Keziah Heisey
Sports DTS Student


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