Holy Spirit Hits The Target | Sports DTS Outreach

An Update from one of our Sports DTS outreach teams currently in Canberra, Australia.

Being in Canberra has been a unique experience. Our team has been able to learn how to seek God for a desperate heart for the people here. God has given us numerous opportunities in prayer and through evangelism. Within the first couple days we were at a local Target getting supplies. Focused on getting what we needed there was a woman who asked for help on getting a piece of clothing down. This lady seemed worn out and bitter towards people and circumstances she had faced in life.

Her bitterness and hate had worn her down

so much you could see it through her appearance. Her first reaction towards us was very impatient and frustrated. This lady was upset because of the way she was being treated by the people around her. She feared man and didn’t even feel safe at her own house. Hannah then spoke words of encouragement to her and from there God was able to soften her heart. As the lady was opening up more about herself Nicoletta felt lead to ask her if she had a personal relationship with Jesus. Though this confused her because she viewed God as someone whom she could only go to on Sunday. Nicoletta then asked her if she could pray for her. As Nicoletta was praying she asked for the Holy Spirit to come and fill her heart up with love and compassion, and prayed for protection over her. As Hannah and Nicoletta got done praying the lady said, “I feel a warmness in my body and heart.” Instantly Hannah noticed

the wrinkles in her face begin to vanish

as well as her spirit of weariness faded away from her appearance. There was a unique brightness to her once she received the Holy Spirit. Her eyes and smile radiated God’s love. At that moment it was clear that this lady had been baptized with the Holy Spirit. This is just one of the many ways God is using this outreach team!