Kicking Off Outreach With Black Tar

By YWAM Newcastle on April 10, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Update from one of our January Summer Classic DTS outreach teams.

This week the East Timor team had the chance to be a part of answered prayers and lives changed for a whole lot of young people in Newcastle, if not the world.

Throughout the DTS lecture phase we had been praying that YWAM Newcastle’s performance space would be finished. Completion will mean that we can hold events with loud bands where we can dance and sing loudly. So as we began outreach phase this week our first job on the menu was painting tar on metal to help insulate and sound proof the roof.

Black, thick, hilarious tar.

We worked pretty hard and quick, so quick, that by the end of the week all our hamstrings were tight and achy. There were many moments in the week we would just stop and laugh. Though it was not the tar and metal that was getting us excited.

We were excited by Jesus meeting more young people in Newcastle.

We had talked about it a lot. With the roof up, and the sound insulated, we could see hundreds of young people meeting Jesus for the first time. Learning more about the father’s love and intentions for our lives. We will see more crew discipled and developed into dancers, singers, athletes, actors, skaters and ultimately lovers of people.

Even when it started raining and slowed us down, we were not disappointment. We just changed our strategy with giant fans and drying racks. Every morning we could walk into the performance space and see our building team drilling these huge sheets into the roof and stuff them full of insulation.

The week culminated in the performance space being used for a two hour seminar on relationships and sexuality for the young people of this city. We sat there and surveyed the continued beginnings of the possibilities behind painting tar on metal and insulating the roof.

The kingdom of God is like a team of builders. Some build, some paint tar on metal, some order and organize the tar and the metal and some drive everyone around to their needed destination.

ywam-dts-east-timor-team ywam-warehouse

By Jeremy Barry Randall
Outreach Team Leader