Food Provided In South Africa

By YWAM Newcastle on April 9, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

The first update from our January Sports DTS outreach team in South Africa:

Our team has been going into a slum community every day called Avian Park. It is a few hundred acres of slum, with piles of trash and glass everywhere you look. The kids have nowhere to play besides one little spot that is covered from the sun. That is where we run our programs every day, trying to cram in a hundred kids. These kids wait each day for us to get there, not only to play with them, but also to feed them. Most families at Avian Park don’t have any source of income so the only food they have for the day is what we bring them.

One night, we prepared a pot of rice with fish in it to take for the children. We had a program for them to enjoy with songs, skits and bible stories. Afterwards, the children and adults lined up with their dishes for food.

We prayed together that God would multiply our one pot of food

so that there would be enough to feed everyone there. We were worried not even half of the kids would get some! As we started to feed the children, we made sure to give each child a huge serving of the rice soup. We were amazed when each child was able to come through again for seconds! The adults went after and

they were even able to take a bowl back home with them.

Seeing their faces as we filled their bowls with soup was such a rewarding experience. It was incredible to witness how God provided enough food to feed all the people there, not only a little bit, but until they were full! Not one person had to go home hungry that evening. God is the true provider for His children!

Keziah Heisey
Sports DTS Student