Don’t Forget Us – Fiji DTS Outreach Video

By YWAM Newcastle on March 15, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach, Videos

“Don’t forget us, please pray for our little country”

These were the words that echoed around my mind as we finished up our time in Fiji.

When you are in a new country for almost two months you can really make some close friendships with people and we did! We made it a priority to go house to house one last time to say our good byes! One good bye in particular that my students experienced was very encouraging. A middle aged women that they had prayed for, encouraged, discipled and build quite a repor with said to them in leaving,

“thank you so much for sharing Jesus with me”!

“please visit again and I’m now considering being baptised”.

In our last ministry time we had the privilege of having two hours in a primary school. God really blessed the flow of sharing the gospel with over 200 hundred kids and it was received with open arms!

Our bags are packed for Australia and our hearts are open for His leading! God is doing amazing things in Fiji and is also raising up many passionate people to make an eternal difference!