Joining Forces With Freedom 61 – DTS Outreach Update

By YWAM Newcastle on January 21, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Greetings from Riga, Latvia!!!

The latest update from our Compassion DTS Outreach Team in Latvia.

Well after close to 40 hours of traveling our team has made it safe and sound to Latvia! It was a long journey, but after several movies and naps on the plane we quickly found ourselves jumping into our boots and piling on the layers outside of Riga Airport! We have arrived and settled into our cozy little apartment where our team will be living for the next four weeks. God has brought us to a beautiful city and is already giving us a heart for this country and His people. He is continually moving and showing us that His light needs to be shined down upon this place.

Our team’s major focus while on outreach will be on the issue of human trafficking. While we are in Latvia we will be working alongside an organization called Freedom 61. Freedom 61 runs a small café which invites in prostitutes and women who have been trafficked. The Freedom 61 staff works to build relationships with these women and share the love of Christ with them. Our team will be helping with the café and will primarily be going on prayer walks throughout the streets nearby. Our team will also have the opportunity to go into schools where we will inform, instruct, and raise awareness for human trafficking.

Fighting human trafficking is no small task

It is a battle that must be fought little by little, step by step. Our team has been taught that this issue must be fought starting at the bottom, preventing it as much as possible by building up our youth. When lacking in English and job skills, Latvian children are at high risk of being trafficked. It is important for them to learn the English language, learn necessary skills, and build confidence within for a brighter future. Our team has had the opportunity to work at the day centers these past couple days where God has continually broken our hearts for these neglected children. Looking into the eyes of a child who has the potential to be in slavery or is afraid to go home at night has amplified the power of love in each of our hearts. When we in our own minds believed that we needed to pray for the “big picture” coming on outreach and bring light into this big city, God has broken it down for us, showing us that

we need to simply start by bringing a spark into a small child’s life

. The act of a hug, smile, high five, or even a game of Duck Duck Goose has been rekindled in our spirits and given us the satisfaction of knowing that God is moving and spreading his love in this city little by little, breaking the chains of darkness.

Even as Latvia is very cold and the sun is not always shining, our team has continued to bring the love and joy of Jesus throughout the city of Riga. Each day we hope to bring a new light to this place and set a fire in the hearts of God’s people. Stay tuned as we continue to see God bring warmth to Latvia!

Thank you for all your support throughout our journey and please pray that God continues to keep us safe and warm!

If this is the kind of thing you would like to be part of check out our upcoming Justice & Mercy DTS starting this April!