God Used Us In The Community – Bangladesh Outreach Update

This is the latest update from one of our Compassion DTS outreach teams that just left Newcastle and is headed to Bangladesh!

Hey there!

It’s the Bangladesh team saying a BIG hello from Newcastle, Australia. This has been our second week of outreach so far and all of us have seen God come through in some amazing ways. Many mornings and afternoons our team could be found in the hall earnestly seeking and praising God and as this happened we saw breakthrough in finances! From a picture God gave someone on team about diving in deep with God, we left our time of worship and went to the ocean where we literally dove deep. After that we saw a great release of money as we put our trust in God! We went from needing $20,000 dollars a few weeks ago to needing none a couple of days ago.

How great is our God?

We have been leading the service at the International church where worship, testimonies, and sermons have all been a part of the morning. For 3 weeks, we have been going there and having lunch afterwards where we have had the opportunity to make some good connections with the Chinese, Koreans, and some Australians. On top of leading church services, we have been going to an old folks home, led bible studies, and evangelized in our community. We also had two days where we went to some skate parks where we got to connect with the local youth, talks about the Lord, give out popsicles, and attempt to skate.

So overall outreach has looked a little different for us as we are still living at the YWAM base but we know that God has used us in the community and has grown us in our faith and has shown everyone some things that we can expect to happen in Bangladesh. The past 2 weeks have been very team building and we have sought out the face of the Lord while pouring back into the community. In three days we are off to Bangladesh! Stay tuned for more updates.

Marley Babcook
Compassion DTS