On The Street’s of Kings Cross | Outreach Update

By YWAM Newcastle on January 9, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

This is the latest update from one of our Compassion DTS outreach teams that is currently in Sydney and will also be heading to Latvia & Moldova.

Hello All!

It is Day 5 of outreach and God has continued to blow us away with his plans for us here in Sydney. Not having a set ministry schedule for the week has pushed our team to fully trust in God, believing that He would provide opportunities for us to reach people, and he has done just that and more. He has exceeded all of our expectations starting Day 1, and from there he continues to amaze us with his faithfulness.

As we shared before, this week we feel that God has been teaching us to use our strengths. As a team, we feel that we carry great strength in worshipping. We broke the ice and dipped our toes in the water on Day 1 when we played worship at Bondi Beach. We have continued to dive in deeper by playing worship down at the Marketplace in Bondi Junction and singing as we walk throughout the streets of Kings Cross (a Red Light District area in Sydney). Worship has become alive in our hearts and has become a powerful ministry that is reaching the hearts of the lost and broken.

Our team has spent a couple days at Kings Cross this past week where we brought light into a very dark place. Kings Cross is a street filled with lust and promiscuity that is dominated by bars, nightclubs, and strip clubs. Our team spent the afternoons prayer walking and laying hands on all of the buildings, praying that God’s spirit and light would spread throughout this area. As we spent time praying in groups, a couple of us came across a prostitute sitting on the sidewalk. This woman was screaming out in agony because of withdrawals from drugs and hunger for not eating for days. The girls got that “Holy Spirit Shove” and struck a conversation with her. As she shared her broken heart and a life of lost hope, God began to move. Before you could snap your fingers, people walking down the streets of Kings Cross were doing double takes and stopping in their tracks as they saw

two YWAMers sitting on the sidewalk, laying hands and praying over a weeping prostitute.

God touched the heart of a hopeless woman, but also two young girls who experienced the power of prayer in action.

It has been an incredible week of God breaking our hearts for what breaks His. This week our team has learned to love the unlovely and reach out to the commonly unreached. Not only have our eyes become open to the people around us, but also our hearts for the souls that are hurting inside.

We are rounding up the week as we come to Day 6 here in Bondi Junction. We still believe for God to do even bigger things the rest of this week as we step out in faith, working as God’s hands and feet to reach the lost. We are still on the move, having a great time under the sun and God on their side. Stay tuned!