A War-Ending Prayer

By YWAM Newcastle on January 2, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

A couple of weeks ago

my outreach team came home from Israel and Jordan.

We had six amazing weeks there where God totally blew our minds over and over again. I’m going to tell you one of the stories where God moved and taught me the most.

Before we went on outreach the main words God gave us for our time in Jordan and Israel were peace & peacemaker. We also had the specific date of the 15th of November highlighted. For me as the leader of the team I thought that the date meant that we were supposed to cross the Jordan/Israel boarder that day. Now when looking back I can see why the 15th of November was an important date for our outreach – that was the date Israel declared war against Gaza. We lived in Israel at that point, though we were far away from the war zone and we actually had to read the news to even know what was going on in the country.

The week went on and we were working with a lot of amazing ministries including a Christian school and a hospital. Every week we had intercession scheduled and asked God what he wanted us to pray for. What we felt called to pray for this week was peace in the country. We prayed for a while but did not really expect to see that kind of prayer answered right away. Regardless we turned on the TV twenty minutes later to hear the headline-

Ceasefire in Gaza!


The war had ended right in the middle of our prayer time!

The lesson all of us got from this is that God really hears our prayers and that we can expect big things to happen when we listen to God and just allows Him to do the things He wants to do on this earth! A day or two later we gathered with a bunch of women from church. What even more amazed me was that all these women had felt like God called them to pray for peace too, in the same time as we were praying(!). How cool is it that God brings His people together to fight in prayer for His will to happen here on earth?!

This outreach has totally blown me away in the area of prayer and intercession. God is so powerful, and He lets us be a part of it! I hope this testimony encourages you to keep on (or start) listening to God and pray! This world needs it so SO much.