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By YWAM Newcastle on November 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Bonjour everyone!
We arrived in gorgeous Tahiti on the 25th of October, welcomed with flowers, traditional ukulele music, dancing and kisses on both cheeks! After spending two days in Tahiti we travelled by boat to the island of Raiatea. It took us five hours and we arrived late at night. We were once again welcomed with lays before traveling on a bus for about 40mins to get to our contact’s home. We are staying in a little holiday home, a very short walk away from them.

While we have been here we have build up close relationships with our contact’s little home church, especially with the youth. We have been doing ministry in the morning, which has included learning some traditional Tahitian songs and dances, weaving and lay-making, prayer walking, worshipping and just hanging out with the youth. The little home church has been holding services every night and we have been speaking and sharing testimonies. We have seen three healings and have been told that we have broken down a number of spiritual barriers. There is a lady in the congregation who, after hearing one of our testimonies, was released and able to share about something that had happened in her life. In sharing about what had happened she broke down some barriers that had stopped her from speaking to other members of the church.

The other day we were able to take part in the annual international canoe race, Hawaikinui. The girls on our team were given the to opportunity to “crown” the winners and runner-ups with lays and kisses on both cheeks. The original plan was to stay here for two weeks and then return to Tahiti, but after being invited, we have happily decided to stay another week! It would be great if you could pray for good health, energy in abundance, and that our relationships with the youth would continue to strengthen and get deeper despite the language barrier.
Thank you for all your prayers and support!

God bless,
The Classic DTS,
Candace, Hannah, Alex, Jvarn, Michelle and RachelHawaikinui