Dreaming For The Next 20 Years

By YWAM Newcastle on November 6, 2012 in Videos

The foundation could not have been laid any better for our 20th Celebrations. When honour is given where it’s due; both to the pioneers, leaders and labourers of God’s work as well as to God himself, the spirit is free to move in such unique and special ways. On the second day of our celebrations, God the pioneer was highlighted and celebrated in such a beautiful and profound way. Not as a moment to just reflect back, but as a continual, outworking reality of his character today and into the future.

When we agree with God’s unrelenting desires to see this world radically transformed by his love and through his Son, stuff happens. This starts when we make the conscious decision to open up our mouths and begin to speak out all the visions and dreams he so desperately wants us all to participate with Him in. As we wrapped up this amazing time together we agreed with God that what He had done over the last 20 years was only scratching the surface of what He has in store for tomorrow. The prophetic nature of what was being released over our YWAM community, our city, our nation and into the whole world was rich and full of reckless faith. We took time to speak out as well as write down some of the things we were hearing from God and bury them in our very own time capsule. The significance of this time was incredible, and we made deliberate decisions to solidify our commitment to God.

This video highlights some of the leaders of our base and the dreams they have for their areas of influence.
How are you dreaming for your own areas of influence?