Reflections From Our 20th Celebration

By YWAM Newcastle on October 30, 2012 in News

Over the 20th & 21st of October we celebrated 20 years as a ministry centre! Over 300 people traveled from around Australia to honour the Lord for the lives that have been touched and changed as a result of His working in and through YWAM Newcastle. Throughout the weekend we were blessed to hear from some amazing pioneers and teachers in our mission. They included people such as our founder Rod Thorpe, Donna Jordan, Tom Hallas, Steve Aherne, Mark Brokenshire and many more. Each topic highlighted a characteristic of God as we heard some incredible stories from these speakers. We heard from Donna Jordan on the topic of ‘Rehearsing the Character of God – Amazing Personal Accounts from YWAM’s Pioneering Years’ of how God provided for them in the early days developing YWAM Kona. We also were challenged by Rod on his topic ‘Dreaming Big, Scary Dreams with God.’ Not only were we left feeling inspired for the next 20 years of ministry but I know our friends left feeling the same.

Another huge highlight was the worship times. Led by our very own Stevie Lujan and family member and former staff Cora Dawson! Each time the presence of God could be felt so thick as we praised Him for the incredible things He has done in our midst. On the final afternoon Donna Jordan led us in a time of hearing from God for the next 20 years. After writing what we received, we placed these “words” in a time capsule that has been buried on our carpark to be brought up in 20 years time!

Getting to this incredible event was no easy task as we’ve just had a major building push over the last few months! Over 150 volunteers and skilled tradesmen along with our staff worked tirelessly to help us. It was so special to be able to enjoy the fruit of our labor through the celebrations. While there is still a lot to be done, we have seen great progress and we’re so excited to see how God continues to do miracles as we develop our centre!

Check out this video of some of the building action that was going on before the 20th. It features a team from Mobile Missions Maintenance who truly helped us achieve the impossible.

Also you can check out our Facebook Page for photo albums of the weekend.