Treasure Hunts In Tasmania

By YWAM Newcastle on October 3, 2012 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Outreach update from our July Classic DTS:

Hello Everyone!

We arrived safely in Tasmania early Wednesday morning after only a couple of hours sleep in Sydney airport and on the plane. Since arriving we have been going on “Treasure Hunts” where we ask God to show us things that we need to find during the day. As well as to see who to pray for or talk to. It has been amazing how God has spoken and the things we have seen! One morning Candace heard “elderly home” and while we were driving we spotted one and parked in the car park. We got out and started prayer walking around the building. Candace then went in and found out that we were all able to go in and sing some songs for them. So Alex led us in singing some worship songs for a number of residents! They really enjoyed it and one of the staff was very enthusiastic for us to come back. So we were able to make a new contact for the Tasmania YWAM base!

We have also been able to work with a couple of youth groups, performing skits and sharing testimonies. On our journey we have visited Port Arthur, Greevstown and Glenorchy, and have been learning to worship in public places like car parks and play grounds.

It has been an amazing time of hearing from God and seeing Him pull us through! We have two more days of ministry here in Tasmania before we start our journey home and we are expecting more good things!

Love from
Candace, Hannah, Alex, Jvarn, Michelle and Rachel!

The teams singing in the elderly home.