Life Changing Choices – YWAM Gap Year

I had at least ten different ideas of things I could do or be. In other words, I was a normal 17-year-old. I could be anybody or do anything, but what I wanted most was to be myself and do what God wanted me to. Now if only I knew what that looked like!

It was daunting to move halfway across the world for six months. Daunting, different, dramatic. “This could change my life,” I thought. And that’s what I wanted most.

Five years later, I look back on my DTS as a hub, or gear, that set my relationship with God and my whole life in a new direction. I had just graduated high school when I came and I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into. But when I learned about hearing God’s voice and laying down my rights, I learned about the path I wanted to walk. When I spoke before crowds of children or ministered to someone with a word of knowledge, I understood that God was in me.

Taking that gap year before university was one of the best decisions I ever made. I had a solid foundation to walk out on, to say “this is what I want to study” and “this is who I want to become”. There is nothing better than following what God has for you.

Seek Him. Do your gap year at YWAM Newcastle.










Danica Sauder
DTS Student 2007
Summer Classic DTS Staff