A life changing gap year with YWAM!

By YWAM Newcastle on September 11, 2012 in Discipleship Training Schools, Training, Videos

In 2010 I was in grade 12 doing school full-time and university classes part time. Although I enjoyed the classes a lot, it left me feeling confused about the future. I had a huge passion and desire to follow God and know him better, but my world had so many distractions. I hadn’t really made solid time in my 13 years of being a Christian to dig into God, to know his character, to figure out who I was and my identity in him.

Foundations are interesting things – they’re below the surface, they aren’t seen; but without them the whole building will crumble. I didn’t want to take the chance of diving into my life plans without being 100% sure that my foundations were solid. So I decided to take a gap year – not for the reasons some have to travel or work, but I took a gap year to build my life foundations on God. I took a gap to learn how to use my gifts and abilities to further his kingdom.

I entered DTS not really knowing what to expect. I felt like I knew God pretty well, I’d heard his voice many times, I knew that he had a huge purpose for my life; but what was that purpose? I wasn’t sure. I spent two months in Thailand working with women caught in the sex industry. On my 18th birthday I sat with a prostitute in a stingy bar and did my best to show God’s love through my actions and words.
Not only was it life changing, but it was counter-cultural. It was making a statement for my age group. It was saying that I was going to live a life on Gods terms, not my own.
Having a gap year was the best thing I ever did – only my gap year hasn’t ended. Now I’m serving full-time with YWAM Newcastle using my gifts and abilities in media to sow into thousands of young people all over the world. Maybe one day my gap year will end and I’ll study, but now my foundations are solid. I’m ready for the world, I’m ready for God’s plans, and I know his purpose for my life.

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Susanna Smith
Creative DTS Student, 2011