October Outreach Locations | Pt 2. Compassion!

By YWAM Newcastle on September 4, 2012 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

The Compassion DTS currently has two outreaches in four locations, all of which are split between multiple countries. The focus for these outreaches will be diving into the heart of God and letting his compassion lead the way. It will be practically discovering what it looks like to actively follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Although there are only two outreaches listed here, there will also definitely be a third location and maybe even a fourth for this school!
Outreach 1: Moldova/Latvia/Amsterdam

Moldova is a small country knit into the east of Europe between Romania and the Ukraine. The nation suffers from poverty, with 65-80% of citizens unemployed and is said to be the poorest country in Europe. Because of the desperation and lack of jobs, Moldova makes a very easy target for human trafficking and exploitation, especially in remote villages.

Latvia is in northern Europe, bordered by Lithuania and Estonia. It is most famous for its folk songs, festivals and flowers. Similarly to Moldova, Latvia has a large history of trafficked and sexually exploited men and women, which are most commonly sent throughout Europe into forced labour. Statistically the largest religion in the country is Christianity but a tiny 7% attend religious services on a regular basis.

Amsterdam is in the province of North Holland in the west of the Netherlands. The city is most recognised for it’s legal law on cannabis; however a new regulation could really affect the city’s tolerance on drugs and the high amount of drug tourism. In Amsterdam there is a designated area for legal prostitution in a place called De Wallen, where sex workers offer their services from behind a window or glass door. Christianity is the largest religious group at 17%, split between Protestants and Roman Catholics, the next in line is Islam at 14%.
Outreach 2: Australia/Thailand

In Australia this outreach will be focused on the indigenous people of Cherbourg, a little town 5 hours north-west of Brisbane. The traditional beliefs of the Australian indigenous are centered on the connection between the people and the land. Although in some places they speak a native tongue, most languages are either mixed with english or extinct. In indigenous communities abuse of all kinds is common, and most children are exposed to alcohol and drugs at a young age. The young people of these communities need people to simply love them and show them just how valuable they are in Gods eyes.
Recently we had a team go to the Aussie Outback, here is a link to a video of their time! Outreach to the Australian Outback

Thailand is a highly populated Buddhist nation in Southeast Asia, and is bordered by Laos and Burma. According to Opportunity Foundation, poverty and hopelessness in rural Asia has resulted in many social problems, involving violence and abuse of the vulnerable members of society. Thailand’s sex industry started pumping in the 60’s and 70’s due to westerners and soldiers coming through from the Vietnam war. Although prostitution was illegal then, the government encouraged the demand because it brought in so much money to the economy. The country has become very popular for sex tourism since this, but has had to face the serious and devastating effects it has had on it’s people. Pattaya Praise is a yearly gathering of Christians in the city of Pattaya, the largest ‘sex trade city’ in the world, who come together to worship and release God in the broken streets of Thailand’s most popular red light district.374811_336080596406270_997038123_nAbove: a picture from Thailands bars