A time to pray: Teachers

By YWAM Newcastle on August 17, 2012 in Resources

Every week our base has many opportunities to come together for various purposes, whether it be worship on Tuesday mornings or staff meeting on Wednesdays, etc. On Thursday mornings, we come together for intercession.
Intercession is a privilege. Intercession is God communicating His partnership with us to see His Kingdom come on this earth by sharing His heart for various issues, cultures, countries and more.
A privilege.
Intercession at our base is also an opportunity for various staff to lead out in areas that they have a burden. Every week, there is a new topic led by a new staff member. The topic is introduced, and then the rest of the staff and students get together in groups, hearing God regarding this topic. Then of course, we pray and pray. We’re going to bat for what God wants, and it’s exciting and effective.
What’s more is that our base does this each week, but we want to share it with you. We recognize that across the globe there are people who have a connection with us here in Newie – through friends of friends or family or having been here before. It’s our global community, and we want our global community to be a part of what we are praying for each week.
Every Thursday or Friday, I will catch you up and give you the opportunity to pray, too!
Yesterday, Jevon, a student on our School of Innovative Youth Ministry, and Kelcie, the school leader, led us in a time of hearing God and praying for teachers. Teachers have an incredibly influential role in people’s lives whether they know it or not.

The room was split into three broad areas: primary school teachers, high school teachers and university professors.
Major themes coming through were:
-Praying into a refreshing, renewed passion
-Praying blessing over teachers for taking on such an important role
-Praying for teachers to have revelation of their influence and power
-Praying for increased influence, encouragement and humility
-Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go…”
-Praying for wisdom in teachers to understand “how” a child is smart, not “if”

Our Prayer: God, we thank you so much for the education system around the world, and the teachers who play such a vital role. We thank you for their decision to invest in other people’s lives, and we ask that you would give them fresh revelation of their influence. We pray for refreshing and encouragement to them and blessing over their work. Amen.
Ashley Willingham
Prayer & Intercession Leader